Creating an effective wiki page:

Use your OWN words
Cite all sources
Be creative
Put effort into the page
Read the comments made by others and consider them
Make sure all spelling and grammar is correct - get a peer to check it too
Use appropriate vocabulary that reflects your understanding
Embed images/videos and explain why they are there and what you want the reader to understand and think about
Layout the page in an attractive, appealing and clear way
Make sure the reader learns something and leaves your page thinking ...and perhaps with further questions

Guidelines for creating wiki pages:

• cite sources
• assume good faith
• don’t edit others’ work without discussion
• use wiki discussion tab for all collaboration on content of the page
• be aware of copyright rules
• use hyperlink to link to other internet sites
• use your own words and reference all other material including quotes.
• do not use more than one or two sentences from another person’s work at any one time.
• be aware that this is a public space - use acceptable vocabulary and accurate spelling
• remember that the wiki will be monitored by your teacher
• even when working at home, you are still governed by these guidelines and acceptable use at school

Criteria that will be used to grade the wiki page:

-provides information that explains and informs about the topic
-uses student’s own words and integrates information from other sources
-cites all sources in MLA format
-is well designed and creative
-is thoughtfully written and very interesting
-provides evidence of sufficient effort for the time provided
-is edited carefully and has no spelling, punctuation or grammar mistakes