The biggest push factor for Sudanese refugees in Egypt is the current military conflict in Sudan. The war in Darfur is a military conflict between the Muslim government in the North and the Native African inhabitants in Southern Sudan. This dispute created over 4 million internally displaced persons and nearly 500,000 refugees. Large percentage of them have fleed to Egypt to avoid the threat of the life of war that happened due to racial and religious differences. The refugees are created not only because of the current War in Darfur since 2003, but also because of the long period of instability due to two Civil Wars. Sudan has been involved in the military conflicts for a long period of time and this creates a large number of refugees and IDPs. Another push factor is the severe economic crisis in Sudan. 1.7 million people in Sudan are facing serious food shortages that threaten their lives and a large of number are unemployed and are not able to support their families. Thus, more people are leaving to Egypt and other nearby countries to seek asylum and job opportunities. Nowadays, the increasing number of Sudanese people are trying to migrate to Egypt as a "transit" to move to more developed countries.

One of the pull factor of Egypt is its geographic location. Although the current dispute in Darfur creates more refugees that would move to Chad since it borders Darfur, Egypt is still one of the easily accessible countries for Sudanese refugees even with the risks in crossing the border. Another pull factor is the economy and job opportunities. Egypt is the most economically developed country among the countries that are nearby. Egypt is more urbanized than any of other countries, so they expect Egyptian cities to provide the education and better job opportunities than Sudan and other countries that are nearby. Also, Egypt serves as a "transit point", which the Sudanese refugees use to move to even more developed countries.