Bangladeshi Immigration to the Gulf

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Since the 1970's, there has been a large number of Bangladeshis migrating to the Arabian Gulf. Their points of destination have been oil-rich countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait. Other points of external migration include various areas of South East Asia.

Since the end of British Colonialism in 1947, there has been a lot of dispute between the Hindus and Muslims in South Asia. Most Hindus who resided in what was known as East Pakistan have moved to India while some Muslims have migrated to Pakistan. However, the majority of the Bangladeshi population today is still Muslim- 80% to be more precise. After the 1971 War between West Pakistan, India, and East Pakistan, East Pakistan resulted in become the independent country of what we know it to be today- Bangladesh.

Reasons of Migration

Push Factors
Pull Factors
  • High rate of unemployment
  • Low standard of living
  • Lack of resources
  • High population density
  • Monsoon floods hamper economic progress
  • Better job prospects
  • Better quality of life
  • More exposure to the world
  • More money to support family
  • More stable in terms or economy

Connections to Ravenstein's Laws

  • More males emigrating than females
  • The main reason that people are moving is due to economic reasons- they don't have enough money to provide for themselves or their families and are desperate for a higher income
  • Most of the migrants are fairly young and are between the ages of 20 and 34
  • Most of these emigrants don't have very good housing accomodation and are forced to live in shacks and shanties
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With one of the highest Fertility Rates and being an LEDC, most of the Bangladeshi population lives in poverty. This has led many people to leave the country and head out in search of a better life.

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The darker sections of the map have a higher poverty rate than the lighter areas. There is a higher chance of people from the North-West region of the country migrating, both internally and externally than any other region.

Impact on Destination

  • Immigrants are being used as work force
  • Construct buildings and do the physical wok
  • More Bangladeshis trying to get in
  • Hence many get rejected or deported
  • However, still high population
  • Government has to find decent living and working conditions
  • Live on outskirts of cities
  • Hence cities are expanding

Impact on Bangladesh
  • Eased pressure on Government in terms of providing for the people
  • Reduced unemployment
  • "Gulf wives"- women who live without their husbands as they have gone to look for jobs in the Gluf
  • Loss of culture
  • Not as many people to work the fields and provide for the country
  • Bangladesh will need more jobs for the returning migrants

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This graph shows the increase the increase in natural disasters since 1980. These include cyclones, floods, and earthquakes. In a country where the agricultural economy is extremely important, it is harder for people to farm the land while standing up to Mother Nature. Hence, people want to get a more secure and stable job that they can use to earn money no matter what the conditions.

Returning Migrants
  • Many people returning due to glabal recession
  • Government now have to provide for these people too

Future Prediction
  • The Bangladeshi economy will benefit because of these workers who have new skills
  • There will be a high rate of unemployment at first
  • Many people might not go back to the Gulf because of money problems
  • MEDCs will suffer more because they won't have a good enough workforce

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